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Sewells House

Content managed site for photographer Michael Sewell, the site also has a wordpress blog hooked into the back

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  1. I used to create and maintain my own website, and it worked rather well. It certainly brought me a nice steady stream of enquiries, and I was happy with the number of visitors I was getting.
    When it was due a refresh, I found I didn’t have the free time available to update it, and turned to Copper Creative to help. A rough idea was drawn up with good and clear explanation as to how it would all work. At this point I was quite nervous about having to pay for ongoing updates etc. Gary was very quick to point out that he would be including a content management system that would allow me to maintain the site and upload images etc., meaning no additional cost.
    I have to say, the finished site was everything promised and indeed far more. My traffic tripled within months, and my workload has gone stratospheric.
    Any problems I have, or indeed advice, Gary has always been at the end of an email, and emails are definitely the best way to catch him.
    If I were to be brutally honest, I would say I owe my success to Gary and Copper Creative, Without a doubt.

    Many thanks Gary.

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